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Veterans Food Drive

Items Needed  Peanut Butter                                                               Spaghetti Sauce Peanut & Cheese Crackers                                         Pop-top canned fruits & vegetables (pull tab)                                       Beef Jerky                                                                     Macaroni & Cheese Apple Sauce                                                                  Individually Packaged chips/pretzels0Goldfish Pudding                                                                         Boxed Drinks, juice and water Fruit Cups                                                                     Vienna Sausages (with pull tab) Granola Bars                                                                Pop Tarts Power                                                                            Individual Packets of Oatmeal Cereal Bars                                                                   Plastic Spoons Single serving items of Chef Boyardee Items        […]

Fresh Wind

JANUARY 2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR…it is 2018, the Year that we are decreeing according to Acts 2:2 the power of the “Fresh Wind”.  I believe that this will be an exceptional year of the Lord’s favor in 3 dimensions: Spirit, Power, and Abundance.  We will arise like a mighty army with victory and the authority […]