E- Church is a platform designed to create an ENGAGING EXPERIENCE for you to have a personal ENCOUNTER

“Opening Your Eyes, Optimizing Your Experience”

If you are looking for a new experience or a place to worship, we invite you to connect with our eChurch.

eChurch is a virtual church experience designed to cater to the spiritual needs of those that are not able to join our worship service in person.

You have the same spiritual benefits of being an eChurch member as an on-campus member.

We have created E-church membership for those persons who consistently watch or listen to MFM services via the internet. If you are a member that can not attend on-campus due to work schedule, travel, or simply cannot be physically a part of our services, eChurch membership is for you.

eChurch membership is a perfect avenue to minister to anyone who desires to grow in the Word of God and experience a dynamic teaching ministry on a consistent basis. We are happy that you chose to join our eChurch congregation.

Become A Member of e-Church

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As an e-church member, you have the same spiritual benefits of being an eChurch member as an on-campus member.

Becoming a member of a local church is a defining moment in following Jesus Christ. It signifies publicly that you take your commitment to Christ seriously and that you desire to be grounded in a faith-teaching church. Let’s look at the benefits according to the Word of God:
It commits you, the Christian. Commit yourself to love, strengthen and serve others
(Luke 22:32).

It Gives Physical & Health Benefits. The Apostle Paul said in Galatians 6:10, “As we (the church) have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith (members).”
Assurance. Membership is the church’s affirmation of the validity of someone’s profession of faith
(Matt. 16:19, 18:18).

It is Biblical. The term member is not used in the Bible, but the concept of commitment certainly is by use of the word “partnership”.  Partnership is a very good way of understanding membership.
(Philippians 1:5)

It Gives Stability. A church is on the front lines of the spiritual battle. It faces opposition in many ways and needs to have a solid core of people who support it with their time, talent, and treasure. Membership is a high level of commitment and the more members in the church the more stable and secure the church will be. The stability of the church allows it to make an impact in its community.

It Provides Accountability. Being a church attendee is not the same as being a church member. Attending allows you to be a part of a church without necessarily being known by the church.

Elder protection. Membership allows elders, ministers, and your pastor to care for you, pray for you, and personally give you spiritual and biblical
guidance. They are accountable to God for how they lead you.

(Heb. 13:17). (Galatians 6:10)

Covering – a church specifically praying for you.
Weddings – a church that will be with you in your highs.
Funerals – a church that will be with you in your lows.
Home & Business Blessings – a church that will support your dreams & goals.
Baby Dedication – a church that will be with you as you strengthen your family.
Guidance – a church that will give you spiritual guidance according to the Word of God.

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