W3 2024 Conference

Vision Sunday

Join us this Sunday, July 24th for Vision Sunday

$25 Vision Offering-over and above your tithes and offering


Making Disciples

Join us online at 7 pm every Wednesday beginning August 10th for Making Disciples! You do not want to miss these exciting classes on prayer, evangelism, worship, and more.

Live discussion sessions will be held on Thursdays at 7 pm on Zoom and our social media platforms.

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Back2School Drive

Supplies Needed:

Backpacks                                       Markers (washable)

Paper                                                Scissors

Pencils                                             Erasers

Colored Pencils                              Gluesticks

Crayons                                           Pocket Folders

Binders                                           Rulers

Notebooks                                     Protractors

NCDC July 2022

PAW Convention