Pastor House on God TV

In case you missed it…

A few weeks ago  Pastor and Aubrey Branch (MFM Board Treasurer) joined Rich Marshall in Orlando as guests on the new God@Work television show. This program, that highlights how God is at work in people’s lives around the world, is produced by GodTV and his segment aired on Monday, February 19th at 5:30 pm PST.
You can watch the episode by clicking the below link

Prophetic Fresh Wind Wednesday

Resurrection Carnival

March Prophetic Fresh Wind

Women’s Empowerment Group Resumes Wednesday

CALLING ALL LADIES- Women’s Empowerment Group is BACK, and we need you to meet us at 6 pm in the GYM as we invoke in DYNAMIC discussion’s to empower your mind, body, & spirit. Come prepared to be Empowered.

Men’s Empowerment Group Resumes Wednesday

CALLING ALL MEN- You can’t afford to START 2018 without attending Men’s Empowerment Group. All sessions begin at 6 pm, and we meet in the MPR. We discuss relevant topics to empower, strengthen, and unify all men. Meet us here!



Student Ministries Tutoring Program

Is your student in need of a tutor? LET US HELP! WE WANT TO HELP! Student Life Ministries has a FREE EXCLUSIVE TUTORING Program designed with your child in mind. This curriculum was created to help increase your child’s academic ability. We care about your child’s SUCCESS. Register your child TODAY, by clicking on the registration link, and please share this information!


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