Coronavirus Response

The spread of the coronavirus has caused a level of fear and anxiety in many people.  We know that God is in control and that He has not given us the spirit of fear. Yet, we do not take this situation lightly and understand the importance of operating with wisdom.  We are closely monitoring the news of the coronavirus and paying attention to guidance published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

While there have only been a handful of presumptively confirmed cases in Nevada, we are taking precautionary measures to ensure a safe place to gather and worship at MFM.  Until the virus is contained, MFM will implement the additional safety measures while our weekly services continue.

If you are ill, please enjoy the service online.  This will ensure that you recover more quickly and do not pass on an illness to others.  You can go to for information on streaming.


Doors and surfaces in common areas and the bathrooms will be wiped down more frequently.  Additionally, more hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in the common areas.


To minimize contact with other congregants, MFM volunteers will replace the customary handshake or hug, with a friendly verbal greeting.

During greeting time in services, you should greet one another with smiles and waves instead of handshakes.

During prayer, we will not link hands but may, instead, place our hands on each other’s shoulders or elbows.

We recommend that you give online at or by using MFM’s mobile app or text-to-give to reduce the potential spread of viruses through handling money; however, we are still accepting checks and cash.


We will wipe down all surfaces and toys with an appropriate disinfectant more frequently.

As always, we ask that you do not bring your children to services or Kingdom Kids if they are sick.


We strongly encourage you to become educated on the coronavirus by visiting the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website or the Southern Nevada Health District’s website.  (A notice from the CDC is attached for your convenience.)

Here are some basic preventative measures:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue away and immediately wash your hands.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Let’s pray for those negatively affected by the virus and work together to prevent its spread.



Pastor Clinton House

March 2020: Understanding Triggers, Gates and Doors
Understanding Triggers, Gates and Doors
We are entering into a new season, and I believe that we are all on the cusp of something life-changing! God is not “going” to do it; it has already been done, and it is heading toward us with full force. Every person has gates to their spirit, soul, and body. The Word tells us that when we received Jesus, we became sealed with the Holy Spirit. The gates to our spirit closed when our spirit becomes a new creation.
A stronghold is a fortified dwelling encamping around our belief system. Our distorted thinking patterns and faulty core beliefs are the strongholds that hinder our agreement with God’s Word. Identifying and tearing down our strongholds is essential to walking in the fullness of God’s victory and power. Satan’s kingdom mirrors everything in God’s kingdom, producing a counterfeit. Therefore, if there is a gate to blessings, there is most assuredly a gate to familiar spirits of influence.
Examples of stronghold thought patterns are fear, doubt, negativity, expectations, rejection, betrayal, performance-based mentality, victim thinking, and so many more. These strongholds formed through our life experiences are contrary to the Truth of God’s Word. They alter how we perceive God, His character, promises, who we are in Him, and the authority that we have through Christ Jesus. We must shut our open gates against the enemy. Our strongholds reveal to us what gates we have open. If even one gate is open and unprotected, we fall prey to our enemies who seek to oppress us and gain a foothold. God warns us not to give the devil place. Gates of pride, rebellion, false beliefs, or wrong motives allow Satan to erect a fortress giving the enemy a place to establish his camp. We must keep watch over our gates; this means searching ourselves through the Holy Spirit and guarding the gates and doors to our soul and body. We must actively choose to identify and tear down mental strongholds and not allow the enemy to access us through our gates. Our perception of our life situations, the patterns, and beliefs that we operate in, and how we feed either our flesh or our spirit man are all of great importance. This is not only to tear down strongholds but to guard the doors and gates that allow deception to enter and turn us in the wrong direction. We want to have the mind of Christ, so guard your doors and gates and tear-down strongholds that are contrary to the Word of God. Let God be your stronghold.
Guarding our doors and gates are extremely important. How we take in information and process it is how things enter through the doors and gates of our soul. Our five senses are the doors and gates that allow information to enter. It is important to feed the spirit, not the flesh, so we are to guard our borders. The Bible shows us clearly in the Old Testament that the vulnerability and strength of a fortress or stronghold always rest in its gates. This principle is the same in the spiritual and revealed to us in the natural.
There are important facts that were known in Bible times to conquer a fortified city. So these principles apply to us tearing down our strongholds.
There are important facts that were known in Bible times to conquer a fortified city.
These principles apply to us, tearing down our strongholds.
The Old Testament provides us with an image of a stronghold surrounded by thick walls, a draw bridge, and fortified gates. The gates of the ancient cities are not as we imagine today’s gates, but massive gates made of stone, iron, brass, or wood frequently sheeted with metal. They were tall and wide. “The Beautiful Gate” of Herod’s temple (Acts 3:2) was made of brass and required twenty men to close it. These gates were opened during the day to allow the citizens to come and go but were generally closed and barred at night as a safety measure to keep out enemy attacks. Whoever controlled the gates of the stronghold ruled the city.
The gates of a city were very significant. The gates were shut at nightfall (Joshua 2:5) because they were the chief point from which the enemy attacked (Judges 5:8). Idolatrous acts were performed at the gates (Acts 14:13). Battering rams were set against the gates (Ezekiel 21:22), and the gates were broken down and burned with fire (Nehemiah 1:3).
The gates were seats of authority (Ruth 4:11). At the gates, wisdom was uttered (Proverbs 1:21). Judges and officers served at the gates administering justice (Deuteronomy 16:18), and the councils of state were held at the gates (2 Chronicles 18:9). The Word was read (Nehemiah 8:2-3), and the prophets proclaimed God’s message (Jeremiah 17:19-20) from the gates. The people also had to enter through the gates to worship the Lord.
I pray that every gate of distraction be overturned and dismantled and closed. Enter into your NEW SEASON without interruptions, pay close attention to what the enemy uses to trigger your gates. I am praying for you and excited about your Future.
Pastor House
“The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” Psalm 18:2
January 2020 Year of Divine Reversal


“Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”
Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)

What He is going to show you, speak to you, release to you, reveal to you in 2020
are going to be things that you have NEVER seen.


Welcome to the year of massive benefits. I am so excited that we have entered into ten years of new beginnings, God opportunities, readjustments, and reclaiming our years. In 2020, I have prayed and decreed over our lives that this will be the opening of years of divine reversal of everything that was on hold, lacking behind, broken, or lost. I have been trusting God for total recovery, and this will be an amazing year of uncommon victories. God is declaring over His people that; we will not have to work and labor hard for our harvest. God is releasing and removing things at the same time; however, it is working in our favor. He is saying rest and receive your blessings. There are things that will come looking for you this year, and you will see long-awaited prayers answered. This will be a year of prophetic miracles, provision, and fulfillment. Just as the Lord took seven loaves of bread and fed a multitude, so shall it be that supernaturally the Lord will take our little and make it great. Many will go from not having anything to having more than enough! 2020 is our year to live in our fields of harvest, I am excited and awaiting our months of seeing the hand of the Father in operation. I believe that God has been preparing us for the best years of our lives. God has been watching your potential and not your trial; He is ready to reward you for making it through your years of drought.

The number 20 is associated with a trial, a period of waiting, and if successfully completed, the reward is generous and full of God’s love. The number 20 in the Bible symbolizes the cycles of completeness. It is not so widely used, but often it is connected to a period of waiting, laboring, or suffering that is compared to a trial and afterward rewarded. Jacob waited 20 years to get his wives and property and be released from his father-in-law. Solomon was building a house for himself and God; it was 20 years until he got a place to live. Jabin, the Canaan king, was oppressing the Israelites for 20 years until Deborah and Barak managed to release them from the trouble. God told Abraham that if he finds at least 20 righteous people in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, he will not ruin them. We have entered into the years that everything changes.

It is time to celebrate and walk with great expectations of the divine access that has been released over this new decade. Open your mouth and decree that these next ten years shall be filled with the manifested promises of God. “Thou shalt make thy prayer unto him, and he will hear thee, and thou shalt pay thy vows. Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee, and light shall shine upon thy ways.” Job 22:27-28. This brand-new decade will bring about willpower inside of us. You will have the determination and grit to no longer stand on the outside of your dream and purpose, looking in. Instead, in this year of 2020 and beyond, you will seize territory with every step you take.

Welcome to our year of Greater

Pastor House


Psalm 80:18-19 Living Bible (TLB)

18 and we will never forsake you again. Revive us to trust in you. Turn us again to yourself, O God of the armies of heaven. Look down on us, your face aglow with joy and love—only then shall we be saved.


I don’t know about each of you, but I feel like something is brewing in the atmosphere that is larger than you and I could ever comprehend in the realm of the spirit. I know that God has been repositioning our lives for a great outpour of His presence and I believe that it is going to take place in our homes, in our personal lives, in our relationships, in our businesses, and in our churches.  I can only describe it as the “Spirit of Revival” but not as we have known it traditionally!  God is reviving and restoring us.  It will cause such a shower of miracles in our worship environment that will blow us away.  I think we need to get ready for the supernatural move of God.  I mean the type of Revival when Heaven comes closer to earth.  It is when the Glory of God again becomes visible in the lives of men, women, families, churches, and the community.

The greatest attraction of Heaven is not the streets of gold. It is not the tree of life. It is not the angels and the fellowship with others of the faith. It is the constant Presence and Glory of our Lord. Revival is when we taste something of this constant Presence of God on earth and in our everyday lives. The word revival has a variety of meanings for Christians today. For some, it simply means a series of meetings. Some think of revival as a time when people place their faith in Christ and receive Him as Savior and Lord. Other people have used the term revival to describe a spiritual awakening during which large numbers of people are converted. The real meaning of revival in the Bible is when God’s people realize their need to be spiritually restored and revitalized in their walk with Jesus. It starts at home and then spreads to our churches, communities, cities, and our nation.

The word, revive is made up of two parts: re, meaning “again,” and vive, meaning, “to live.” Thus, revive means “to live again, to come or be brought back to life, health, or vitality.” Revival is a time when spiritual life and vitality are restored (in the heart and lives of Christian people and the Church). We are embarking upon the 8th month of the year, not only is this the month of new beginnings but it is also the month of “Restarting” the month of Regeneration, the number of Covenant, Rebooting, and finding God.

Revival is a return to spiritual health after a period of spiritual decline into sin and broken fellowship with God.  Personal ‘Revival’ occurs when an individual is restored from a broken fellowship with God. ‘Revival’ in the home occurs when family members are restored from a broken fellowship with God, and the Lord Jesus is once again the Head of the home. ‘Revival’ in the local Church, community and nation is a sovereign act of God and occurs when God restores the spiritual health and vitality of His people on a much bigger scale. It is then that you will see the Spiritual hunger restored in the hearts of the people.  My prayer is that this month you will begin to pray and ask God to send the Spirit of Revival to our souls, families, communities and to our churches.  Get ready for the “Fire of Revival!”

Pastor House


God’s Blueprint for Power, Purpose, and Priesthood in the Family

This year is flying by and we are coming into a strong month, the turning of a new season, and we are also preparing to celebrate Father’s Day. In seeking God about the impartation for June, I thought it would be befitting if I focused on all men and not just fathers. I believe it’s time to get the father back into the home! Men, manhood, and what it means to be a man are under attack by all kinds of radical societal beliefs, gender perspectives, boyhood struggles, and identity crises crisis. It would appear that we are losing a generation of powerful leaders unless we speak up and decree that Satan will not rule on the territory of who we are as men. Many voices in society say that men are obsolete and not needed anymore. They are doing their best to dismantle God’s design and definition of manhood. The man is the key to biblical infrastructure in families, communities, and ultimately, the nations. You have heard it said, “As it goes with the family, so goes it with the world.” It’s time to kick the politically correct cult out of the home and put the father back into the family. If we are going to see our families rooted again, the strength of the man must re-emerge, and he must also increase in his impact.


Men, I want you to understand that you were never an afterthought in the mind of God. Creating humankind beginning with the male was God’s idea. Man was created in the image of God and given spiritual authority to govern the Earth. In moments when you feel like a failure, remember: God chose you first!


You must believe that your Father trusts you with delegated authority. Ask Him to build your confidence and to remove fears of any uncompleted tasks or over-compensating promises. God created you just as he created Adam: as a king who would work and manage a kingdom. To understand work fully, you need to understand the first great commission of dominion. Kingship is a powerful truth that reveals the mandate and delegated the ability to govern.


God loves a man who enjoys worship and spends time with Him. In the garden of Eden, God fellowshipped with Adam spirit to spirit. This is an exciting truth because God first created an environment – an atmosphere – for the man to dwell in. In this atmosphere, the man could fellowship and communicate with God anytime he wanted to. As a Spirit-led man, Adam was assigned the task of tending the garden, but every day he had time with God. To ascertain your blueprint to purpose, you must have consistent one-on-one time with God.


When men and women don’t understand how they are different from one another, their relationships malfunction. As their lives begin to fail, their children’s lives, as well as the entire family unit, are affected. The effects of malfunctioning relationships can manifest in many ways including divorce, family division, hostility between family members, scattering of family members, incarcerated children, and relational indifferences. Most men manage well emotionally until things fall apart, and then we tend to go into “shut down mode”. At the times when our emotions malfunction, we can always retreat to a safe place in the presence of God, receive counsel, and find solace in His Word.

I pray that you will ask God to reveal your Blueprint, activate your Power, dominate your Purpose and teach you how to protect your family as a man. Amen.


Pastor Clinton House