Entries by Andrea Solid

“Money Matters-Investing 101”

Whenever money is discussed, if the conversation persist, the topic of investing will undoubtedly come up. People love to talk about and listen to investing strategies and advice.  I think the appeal of investing in certain vehicles, like the stock market, has to do with the potential to make a lot of money very quickly […]

“The Exciting Prospect of Jury Duty-Yeah Right!”

Most people don’t get very excited about serving as a juror. However, as a citizen, you are a partner and shareholder in the state and nation.  Jury service is part of the responsibility of being a citizen.  Jury duty is also a very interesting experience.  Believe it or not, Jury Service can be very rewarding.   […]

Vision Sunday 8-14-16

Vision Sunday is August 14th. Continue to support the vision by having lunch at PDQ.  PDQ will donate a percentage of the proceeds to MFM. Just take your coupon to PDQ at 3010 W Sahara Ave on Sunday, August 14th or during the Women’s Empowerment Group conference August 17th-19th.