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Tax Tips for Procrastinators

Are you a last-minute sort of person? Do you only fill up after that little orange gas pump lights up on your dashboard? Do you wait to tackle that mountain of laundry until you have nothing clean (or even sort of clean) to wear? Hey, we’re not judging. Procrastination is a real struggle. And if […]

Love and Marriage In Your Golden Years

  Retirement is a time to explore new experiences, hobbies, and interests. It is also a time for some people to explore the idea of marriage for the first time in their lives or married again after being divorced or widowed. In fact, a new study found that people who marry after retirement are happier […]

Will vs. Trust: What’s the Difference?

In the world of estate planning, wills and trusts often take center stage. They’re kind of like siblings (without all the fighting). Both are legal tools that transfer your stuff to those you love. The main difference is that one takes over while you’re still alive and the other goes into effect after you die. […]