Faith in Crisis

Matthew 14:22-33

A crisis that strikes so centrally at the integrity of the Church and the World necessitates a response from each one us. There must be general reform across the globe and a unified consensus that this is a critical time in life when we all MUST anchor our Faith in God. Nothing is certain, or sure but the Word of God.

I’d like to explore how each one of us can respond to the crisis at hand. Corvid19 is at the front of all our lives, trying to avoid it, is unreal. It is the constant conversation of every community. It is a non-discriminatory virus that has become an eye-opener and a nuisance to our families, church communities, government, and economic foundations. Corvid19 has inconvenienced all of us but I believe we still must ride this wave. Our FAITH must be in God with a commitment to prayer and personal reformation. We all will evolve out of this greater if we keep it moving despite what is happening in the world. Take this time to reconnect with God. Do self-reflective exercises. Ask God to birth what we’ve missed when the time had us busy. Ask God to restore the fractures in your family. This is the time when you put everything in the hands of the Lord. The crisis, however, goes beyond the recent purchasing of tissue, hand sanitizers, food, and “social distancing.” Take this time and ask God, “Where do I stand with You?” We cannot come out of this stagnant in our faith or stuck in our belief in the promises of God… “He has not changed”. Despite the underlying crisis of faith in some of our brothers and sisters, please do not judge their ability to make sense of all of this. We all must become our brother’s keeper.

We must decide how we will respond to the storm. Jesus looks at each one of us as we are rocked by the waves. There is no one to grab onto, the wind is whipping up, and we are beginning to sink with discouragement. Do we keep our eyes on Jesus or do we focus on the storm surrounding us? Right now, many are drowning in confusion; does Jesus need to tell us, like Peter: “You of little faith, why are you so afraid”? The devil uses real problems to tempt us to sin against faith. If we take our eyes off the Lord, we could be tempted to think that our faith is based upon the human dimension. Faith is a spiritual, supernatural belief that in times of crisis, births us to our Next Level of trusting God. There are so many reasons to be discouraged, but we are called to a supernatural response to God’s plan.

Hold on and keep your faith anchored in God…Remember, “GROW THROUGH THIS because THIS ONE IS ON GOD.

I love you and I am praying for you.

Pastor Clinton House