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Listen to your Body


 By Tracy Byrd, Certified Fitness Coordinator, Coach, Trainer & 2x World Boxing Champion

Many people feel aches and pains in their body due to workouts, undue stress or simply everyday living. If you haven’t felt any body pain, then as my mother would say, “just live a little longer!” These feelings of discomfort in your body is actually your body speaking and you should be listening. Here are some simple relief techniques: Prayer & Meditation, a good Spa Day, Eating Healthy, Breathing Easy (3-5 minutes of slow deep breathing), Exercise, a hot bath/shower, then ice (20 minutes to sore area) and a good night sleep.

Workouts: When working out if you “Feel the burn” in your muscles during a tough workout that is a perfectly normal sign that you’re challenging your body. Sweating and labored breathing can also be quite natural. But throbbing joints or sudden, sharp pains anywhere are signs that you need to stop what you’re doing. Also, post-workout pain that do not let up after a few days of rest and ice warrants a trip to the doctor.

When your body speaks, listen, learn, and relieve!