Black History Month & Sickle Cell Anemia

Although September is recognized as Sickle Cell Awareness Month; MFM shines light upon Sickle Cell Anemia (specifically the sickle cell trait) in recognition of Black History Month.  Sickle cell trait is an inherited blood disorder that affects between 90,000 – 100,000 Americans and approximately 8-10 percent of African Americans. About 1 in 13 African American babies is born with the sickle cell trait. Sickle cell trait can also affect Hispanics, South Asians, Caucasians from southern Europe, and people from Middle Eastern countries. More than 100 million people worldwide have sickle cell trait.

Unlike sickle cell disease, in which patients have two genes that cause the production of abnormal hemoglobin (the substance in red blood cells that helps carry oxygen), individuals with sickle cell trait carry only one defective gene and typically live normal lives without health problems related to sickle cell. Sickle cell trait is not a disease; it means that he or she carries or has inherited a single copy of the gene that causes sickle cell disease.

It is very important for couples desiring to have children to make sure they ask each other important health questions; including, but not limited to, do you have sickle cell or the sickle cell trait? For me this is a personal testimony, as I was already married and did not ask my spouse any health questions.  I was pregnant when our doctor asked my husband and I did we have any form of sickle cell.  I vaguely remembered as a little girl my mother telling me I had sickle cell trait but I never understood what it meant until I became pregnant. I never asked my husband if he had any form of sickle cell nor did I tell him I had the trait.  If my husband and I both had sickle cell trait, it was possible that our child would have sickle cell. Upon testing, he did not have any form of sickle cell.

Sickle cell anemia symptoms can begin by four months of age; early diagnosis is critical.  All newborns in the United States are now tested for the disease.

It is important for you to talk to your doctor, especially if you believe you may have sickle cell anemia.  If you carry the sickle cell trait, make sure you tell your doctor before getting pregnant as well.

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So You Want to File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the legal process that gives a debtor acting in good faith a “fresh financial start” by eliminating most of the debtor’s debts, and repays creditors in an orderly manner to the extent the debtor has available property.

The filing of a bankruptcy petition triggers an “automatic stay” that prevents creditors from collecting debts. Most creditors cannot take any action during the course of an open bankruptcy without permission of the court. Notably, filing bankruptcy will:

* Stop bill collectors from calling.

* Stop wages from being garnished.

* Stop most pending civil court proceedings.

* Temporarily stop foreclosures and possibly delay evictions.

Once a bankruptcy is successfully completed, most of a person’s debt is permanently erased (“discharged”). This means creditors cannot collect on the discharged debt.   Once you’ve decided that bankruptcy is the right solution for your financial situation, you will need to decide which type of bankruptcy if most beneficial.  If you are an individual or small business owner, then your most obvious choices are Chapter 7 “liquidation’ bankruptcy or Chapter 13 “wage earners” or “reorganization” bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “liquidation” bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy cancels most ordinary consumer debt and allows the debtor to keep certain “exempt” property.  However, you may have to surrender some property.  A bankruptcy trustee may collect and sell your nonexempt money and assets, and then use the proceeds to pay your creditors. Any remaining balances owed to those creditors are discharged.  People who file Chapter 7 are usually low income earners with few assets to protect.  Chapter 7 is designed primarily to help eliminate overwhelming debt. Chapter 7 will not permanently stop a pending foreclosure or car repossession. To keep a car or house in Chapter 7, you must be able to keep making the regular payment. Chapter 7 can be helpful for car owners who want to stop paying a car loan and surrender the car. It also helps homeowners by eliminating the balance due on their mortgages after foreclosure.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a “reorganization” of debts by allowing the debtor to either partially or fully repay debts through a three- to five-year repayment plan. Chapter 13 allows you to keep some or all of your property. In exchange, you must pay the trustee all of your monthly disposable income for three to five years, and the trustee in turn pays your creditors. Upon successful completion of a Chapter 13, your remaining dischargeable debts are eliminated.  The total of payments over the three to five years must be enough to pay at least the full amount of all mortgage arrears, back taxes, payments for retained secured items, child support and spousal support arrears, and a trustee fee.

Tanika M. Capers, Esq. 

Disclaimer:  This information is provided for general purposes only and is not meant to constitute legal advice.  Legal advice is dependent upon the specific circumstances of each situation and provides an analysis of the last commensurate with the facts of the situation.  MFM accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided herein.

Money Matters-Can You Really Afford It?”
J.D. Rockefeller, one of the wealthiest men that every lived, once said, “I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.”
This is how we need to look at money; with purpose, with possibility, and with function.  Money has three basic roles.  We should use it to save, invest, and everybody’s favorite, to spend.  Spending money is fun and there is nothing wrong with having fun spending money…… long as it is healthy spending!  And a person that has healthy spending habits stays within their means and knows what they really can afford.  Do you know what you can afford?  What does it really mean when people say, “…I can afford it!”
A lot of times, when we say or hear the words, “I can afford it,” what they really mean is, “I can make the payments.”  But the two things are not the same!  In fact, they are in opposition.  First of all, when one chooses to make payments, they are creating an obligation for themselves.  Or in other words, a debt is created!  How can you become debt-free if you keep accumulating debt?  You can’t! Secondly, most of the time people choose to make payments because they can’t afford to make the purchase with cash.  Next time you’re faced with the option, test yourself and ask, “If I can really afford it, why do I need to make payments?  Why don’t I just pay cash for it and own it?”  The ugly truth is we have come to believe that if we can make the payments we can afford it (whatever “it” is) and the world of marketing does everything in its power to reinforce this false belief.  For example, have you ever been to a car dealership and regardless of what you tell the salesman about how much you intend to spend you were asked, “What kind of payments are you looking for?”  There is a reason for this.  It is because when you opt to make payments, you will pay for that “convenience”.  And how much you pay for the “convenience” of making payments, many times, shows up in the interest rates and the terms on the financing.  That is how finance companies make a profit; by conveniently selling you debt!  Isn’t that so nice of them?!
I know what some of you are thinking. “But what if I can make payments at 0% interest?”  I have two responses for you.  First, you are probably over paying for the item!  That is why you can buy a brand new car and get financing at a 0% interest rate.  It is because depreciation and obsolescence have not taken affect and eroded the value of the car (nor the profits for the seller).  The profit from selling a car reduces as the car ages.  That’s why you can’t buy a used car at 0% interest!  Since money is not made from initial pricing, it has to be made from the financing and fees.  Secondly, if your 0% interest rate is for a limited time, financiers know that the chances are the balance will not be cleared in time and the borrower will be charged interest.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be profitable and they would be losing money.  And they are not in the business to lose money!
Biblically speaking, wealth is gained by working hard over time (Proverbs 10:4), and we work too hard for our money to spend it unwisely or frivolously.  And over paying for items and exercising poor spending habits work against our ability to build wealth.  We really can’t afford to be unwise with our money!  The wealthy and wise are careful not to overspend, and avoid payments even if it looks like they can “afford the payments.” Dave Ramsey once said, “If you exercise rich people habits long enough, you will eventually build wealth like rich people.”  So why don’t we start doing the same and watch our net worth accumulate?
Reset, Refresh, Refocus

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up
with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:29-31 kjv
My prayer is that you will allow God to minister to your hearts,  help build your faith, motivate your desire and push you into your purpose. In a time and season where it appears that the world’s systems are divided and chaotic, we the people of God must be determined to keep our eyes on the True and Living God. I believe this year will be the beginning of great things to come.
This year we will RESET, REFRESH and REFOCUS.
As I look into Mark 8, I see seeds of encouragement that I hope will empower you to hold on to your confession, for whatever God has spoken in your life. Often times we are in such emotional despair that we fail to recognize that God has already set the atmosphere for our Miracle. Timing and placement are two vital strategies that we must discern. In Mark 8, Jesus was moved with compassion, and as a result, worked miracles, fed a multitude of over 4,000, and ministered to an abundance of people who his disciples advised to send away.  Just as those in the multitude, Jesus is providing you a hidden treasure in the midst of your desert!
In 2017, your hunger will be fed and God is going to move upon your little and multiply it into much.
Your miracle is hidden in unexpected resources. The bible says, “The people ate and were satisfied and afterward the disciples picked up seven baskets full of broken pieces that were left over!” God will continue to provide more than enough, increases, overflow, open windows, open doors and open opportunities.
This will be the season of your life that you will not look like what you have been lacking!
RESET and change the way you think. REFRESH and allow God to renew your strength to walk into your miracle and REFOCUS your desires to align with God’s promise for your life.
He is opening our eyes to see again!
This is the season of healing; arise to your wholeness! Your eyes will be opened and your sight will be restored. You’ve just entered into a year that will not be empty! Nothing will be wasted, limited or delayed! RESET your confession, REFRESH your determination and REFOCUS on what you know God has promised you. He has set before you an Open Heaven; nothing in your life will ever be blind again!
2017 will be our year of Full Restoration.
Refresh, Reset, Refocus!
A fresh supply of power
An increase of strength
Raising your expectation 
Soaring with eagles
Running, walking and soaring in the strength of the Lord
We Believe God!
Pastor Clinton House
Rest In the Lord

The Bible declares in Matthew 11:28,

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”


Often times we become so overwhelmed with business, stresses of family, work, bills, and other life issues that we become wearied and exhausted. It is imperative that we center ourselves in Christ; practically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we operate out of balance, we operate in a fashion which is not our best. Operating in a state of imbalance causes our health to fail, relationships to suffer, and ultimately we lose more than we gain. We must humble ourselves enough to seek God; not only in times of travail, but also in times of great joy and peace. As life throws curve balls and we have ups and downs we must ask ourselves, “What is in my spiritual bank account?” You have to stir up the blessings of God, the favor of God, and the mercy of God, so that when the storm hits you can reach back into your reserve praise and declare victory in the midst of the trial.


Revive yourself by going back to the source which is Jesus Christ. Recharge yourself like a cell phone in His Love. We Believe God!!!

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