Learning How to Rebuild Your Life “Regaining Your Faith”

Today Is a Day of New Beginnings!

We are about to enter into a new season. We are in a new time change and a new process of time. I believe God has been preparing us for the winter season, to embrace another level of faith in Him.
Do you believe God is challenging you? Is He stretching you to trust Him, like never before? I truly believe that God is up to something GREAT, and it includes us! I feel the Spirit of Increase in the atmosphere, and God is not only shifting you into purpose, but favor has been multiplied upon the saints. (I Kings 17)
I Kings 17 represents a transition of faith; both for the prophet and the widow woman. I want to encourage you that God has no respect of person. When you give out of obedience, God will always cover you and bless you. God is directing you to your place of abundance. His blessings also come with instructions.

God gave Elijah three instructions:
1. “Get thee hence”. Your next blessing will require movement, God will challenge you to leave some comfort zones.
2. “Go Eastward”. God is going to give you Divine Direction to your opportunity.
3. “Hide thyself by the brook”. There are times when isolation is only a temporary place for God to build your faith. God will hide you, so that you will not take the wrong people into your next place of greatness.

These 3 minor steps challenged the prophet. Through his obedience, we can glean that our perception of God must be greater than our circumstances. God is challenging you to Believe in His Word.

The Prophet would drink from a brook, but God would provide food from ravens. This is so encouraging when you see God and man working together. God is going to supply your needs through unfamiliar channels. I believe that even in your tight places, God is commanding resources to come to you. The brook and the ravens represent temporary provision. In this season of trusting God, do not allow yourself to become comfortable or make a temporary place of sustainability stunt your expectation for greater. After that season was over, Elijah had to be shifted again to leave and go find a widow woman, who God had already instructed to bless him.

In this next season of your life, people, places, and connections have already been assigned to you. This is not a season that you have to fight to be blessed. God is rewarding your faith and how you trusted Him in tough times. Tough times do not outlast tough individuals! This is a season that the momentum of believing God and the Word that He spoke to you is coming to pass; suddenly! God is connecting you to bring you into a lifetime of favor. Not only will your blessing increase, but the avenues that bless you will also experience the Hand of God. We are entering a realm of blessings that we’ve not experienced before.

Amos 9:13 declares, “Behold, the days come, saith The Lord , that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt.”

Rebuild your faith, regain your expectation, do not get stuck in your transition, and see and confess that things are turning in your favor. My prayer for you is that you will not be moved by what you see, neither by what you feel, but only by what you Believe.

We Believe God!
Pastor Clinton House

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