Let Us Pray

From childhood, we have heard those words.  Most of the time we had no idea what it meant.  Jesus loves us so much, He left us a blueprint on how to pray.  In the book of John, Chapter 17, Jesus taught his disciples how to pray; what we now call “The Lord’s Prayer”. He wants more than anything to hear from us.  Whether our prayers are for healing, direction, needs, or wants; He delights to hear from us. He told us to seek His face and ALL other things will be added.  He so desires a relationship with us and that starts with prayer.  Whether you are driving in your car, kneeling, laying on your face, or in your prayer closet, He hears you.  Don’t compare your prayer life or relationship with Him to anyone else. He has chosen you uniquely.
Regardless of where you are and what you are doing, He is always pleased to hear from you.
Build your relationship with God. He wants you more than you know!
Prayer truly changes things, most importantly it changes you!

Mother Janet Farmer

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