“Living Intentional”
It is a time of New Beginnings and things are beginning to change. We have the powerful ability to choose. We can even choose how we make choices – or not. Sometimes we choose things automatically, either by our emotions or by our perception of truth.  In this season the Holy Spirit shall guide you into all truth. These tools are vital to you living intentional.
  • Forget about what happened to you in your last season. Isaiah 43:18
  • Release yourself from moments you aborted from misunderstanding the season.  1 Chronicles 12:32
  • Accept that God agrees with you being successful. Proverbs 16:3
  • Stop allowing mistakes from old seasons to be present strongholds.  Isaiah 54:4
Mature in your perception about your life and start preparing for promotion.  God is up to something great and it includes you.  Spiritual growth requires effort on our part, but spiritual stagnation, procrastination and decline requires nothing at all…Ephesians 5:15
Consider the power of intentional living.  What would your day be like if you could get through it with fewer distractions and efforts aligned with your personal strengths and priorities with crystal-clear focus.
Remember there are 3 types of people:
  • Those who make things happen
  • Those who watch things happen
  • Those who wonder what happened.
Living Intentional yields benefits beyond simple achievement -less stress, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment. Being intentional is essential to creating your personal future. Understanding the three keys to making good choices is also important.

1.    You must realize there are options from which to choose.

2.    You must realize your choices impact others.

3.    You must understand that you are responsible for the choices you make and their consequences.

“Remember, you want to be direct and aim towards specific goals, not just react throughout life.” Even though being intentional and congruent is quite simple, it does take concentrated effort at least from the standpoint of awareness and commitment. Once you have become aware, conquer the process and commit to your future. The journey to your future is a process and is filled with uncertainties, but in this season, you will walk with endurance and finish strong.  Ecclesiastes 9:11 “Greatness is springing forth.”
Pastor Clinton House
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