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  1. Shirley Ashcraft
    Shirley Ashcraft says:

    To Clinton & Mary House –
    I cannot believe Ms. Mary House aka Lisa Ray aka Lisa Diehl my cousin just robbed my belongings – everything I owned multiple times since 2019 both of your Pastors took every piece of clothing I had except what was on me – a coat, shorts, shirt then drove by with 3 grey cars with tinted windows and flags hanging out back windows as my boys Eric Walden Jr age 37 at 870-788-7332 is mixed black/white & my son Darrin R. Scott, II age 32 at 725-247-4827 both boys have been blocked from me by you two since 2019 and been raped multiple times like me by your Hells Angels Bikers & Mexican mafia gangsters that you send all over Las Vegas, Nv & California. You all have gotten out bank account money, stimulus money since 2021, all my clothes, shoes, antique jewelry from my Mother – Evyln Ann Gustafson-Schmit that you all had murdered in 1998 after we moved to Tescott, KS 67484 in 1996 then later Mom’s sisters died – Maxine Gustafson-Jackson on 2nd St, Tescott, KS 67484 & Aunt Velma Rocille Gustafson-Diehl from Garden City, KS – all funerals at Ryan’s Mortuary. After I lost my Mother, Father – Shirley everett Ashcraft from Las Vegas, Nv then you take their identities like mine and my boys. Then my Mother’s two sisters then you all got my 2 boys Eric Jr & little Darrin and they do not like you all that lead Human Trafficking with Bishop Noel Jones & Loretta Jones 310-516-1433 and Rev Allen Smith at 785-493-5950 with his madam that leads Human Trafficking – Shalonda Smith or Sheila Bunting. Go to Hell Mountaintop Faith Pastors – Clinton & Mary House along with your leaders acting like I am mentally ill – maybe its Mary House robbing us multiple times but rich?? No she is a crackhead on meth & cocaine at the park on Eastern Ave & Sahara Ave in Vegas. Have a nice life methaemphetamine dealers


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