God’s Blueprint for Power, Purpose, and Priesthood in the Family

This year is flying by and we are coming into a strong month, the turning of a new season, and we are also preparing to celebrate Father’s Day. In seeking God about the impartation for June, I thought it would be befitting if I focused on all men and not just fathers. I believe it’s time to get the father back into the home! Men, manhood, and what it means to be a man are under attack by all kinds of radical societal beliefs, gender perspectives, boyhood struggles, and identity crises crisis. It would appear that we are losing a generation of powerful leaders unless we speak up and decree that Satan will not rule on the territory of who we are as men. Many voices in society say that men are obsolete and not needed anymore. They are doing their best to dismantle God’s design and definition of manhood. The man is the key to biblical infrastructure in families, communities, and ultimately, the nations. You have heard it said, “As it goes with the family, so goes it with the world.” It’s time to kick the politically correct cult out of the home and put the father back into the family. If we are going to see our families rooted again, the strength of the man must re-emerge, and he must also increase in his impact.


Men, I want you to understand that you were never an afterthought in the mind of God. Creating humankind beginning with the male was God’s idea. Man was created in the image of God and given spiritual authority to govern the Earth. In moments when you feel like a failure, remember: God chose you first!


You must believe that your Father trusts you with delegated authority. Ask Him to build your confidence and to remove fears of any uncompleted tasks or over-compensating promises. God created you just as he created Adam: as a king who would work and manage a kingdom. To understand work fully, you need to understand the first great commission of dominion. Kingship is a powerful truth that reveals the mandate and delegated the ability to govern.


God loves a man who enjoys worship and spends time with Him. In the garden of Eden, God fellowshipped with Adam spirit to spirit. This is an exciting truth because God first created an environment – an atmosphere – for the man to dwell in. In this atmosphere, the man could fellowship and communicate with God anytime he wanted to. As a Spirit-led man, Adam was assigned the task of tending the garden, but every day he had time with God. To ascertain your blueprint to purpose, you must have consistent one-on-one time with God.


When men and women don’t understand how they are different from one another, their relationships malfunction. As their lives begin to fail, their children’s lives, as well as the entire family unit, are affected. The effects of malfunctioning relationships can manifest in many ways including divorce, family division, hostility between family members, scattering of family members, incarcerated children, and relational indifferences. Most men manage well emotionally until things fall apart, and then we tend to go into “shut down mode”. At the times when our emotions malfunction, we can always retreat to a safe place in the presence of God, receive counsel, and find solace in His Word.

I pray that you will ask God to reveal your Blueprint, activate your Power, dominate your Purpose and teach you how to protect your family as a man. Amen.


Pastor Clinton House

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