Three Steps to Take in the New Year

Today we live in a complicated world as it relates to the distractions of television, internet, and social media. It becomes very difficult to prioritize health and fitness each day because they battle for your time along with your normal every day activities.  The path to health and fitness may not be as complicated as you think. Consider these three simple steps as you move towards 2018 being your best healthy and fit year yet!

If you’re a couch potato, parent or an executive, you must see yourself on top. Make a mental picture of yourself being healthy and fit. Imagine yourself in your new body.  Wearing the clothes you love, having endless energy and having self-confidence. Allow this image to permeate your thoughts until you feel the internal peace of attainment.

Once you’ve established the image of your ultra-fit self. Now begin to chart a path. I recommend establishing small workable goals first. Developing consistency is much more beneficial than developing large overwhelming goals. There are many phone apps that have 5-20 minute workout apps that I fine to be very useful. You’ll receive maximum benefits in a short amount of time. My personal favorite apps for exercising and food tracking are the Nike Training Club, MyFitnessPal, and Daily Workout.

Lastly, you must take action. Building elaborate plans and mental mapping success is useless without execution. Taking the first steps can be overwhelming and tiresome, but over time health and fitness becomes effortless, fun, and may become a spiritual outlet. I recommend just starting, even a goal as small as drinking more water every day and taking a 7-minute walk is worth a try. The goal is progress not perfection.

Heyward Jackson
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