Tune in God At Work Monday

Good Afternoon

A few weeks ago I joined Rich Marshall in Orlando as a guest on the new God@Work television show. This program, that highlights how God is at work in people’s lives around the world, is produced by GodTV and my segment will air tomorrow, October 29th at 5:30 PM PDT.

I really enjoyed my time with Rich and his other guests as we explored the power of God at work in our daily lives. Please tune in and tell your friends about it!

GodTV is on channel 365 if you have DirecTV; or you can get it online at god.tv. Online: www.god.tv/vod; then click on series and scroll down to God@Work, I am on episode 45.

I genuinely hope you will watch the program tomorrow and drop me a note letting me know what you think. It would help if you copied Rich on that as well, so he knows what people are saying about the show.  You can reach out to Rich at rmarshall@god.tv

Remember: channel 365 on DirecTV; or online at www.God.tv/vod

Thanks for watching!

Dr. Mary L House

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