Singles Ministry Presents…. In Preparation Of Our King


Esther 2:12 Beauty Tips by our own Dr. Mary House and make up instructions by professional make up artist, Sister Pamela House. All Women’ are welcomed to attend. Please bring your own make up and a clean face so you can apply what you learn during the session. Email for more information. Include the church phone number and website and address Meeting in Modulars 2-4

Family Fall Fest


A fun day for the whole family. With petting zoo, pony rides, trunk or treat and more…
Saturday, October 29th 10:30am-12:30pm


Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. (Mark 11:24) A speaker once said, “If you’re going to pray don’t worry, and if you’re going to worry don’t pray!”
What do you believe God for? Oftentimes we pray, then rise wondering if God can do what we’ve asked of Him.  Rather than wondering “if” He will do it, we should be preparing for “WHEN” He will do it.
God is the God of ALL flesh and there is NOTHING too hard for Him.  If He created the Heavens and the Earth, surely He is able to answer your prayers exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ever ask or think.
There is strength in knowing that we serve an all-powerful God who can do anything but fail! Submit your most earnest requests to God…and moving forward when you pray, pray believing!


Proverbs 18:10

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

I love this passage. It is one that I pray often. Life can having you running. Sometimes you are running away from things that are trying to overtake you. Sometimes you are running towards a greater place of purpose. Sometimes running is the posture of busyness. In life running can be the condition of the mind, trying to figure out the things of life.

This scripture reminds us that we always have a place to run to. When you don’t know where to go or what to do, run into the name of the Lord. How do you do that? We run in prayer. His name is our hiding place. It’s a safe zone. The enemy, and the “inner” enemy cannot access us in His name. If you are overwhelmed, feeling unsafe or unsure, I invite you to run with me into the name of the Lord.

Pastor Clinton House

“Money Matters-Investing 101”

Whenever money is discussed, if the conversation persist, the topic of investing will undoubtedly come up. People love to talk about and listen to investing strategies and advice.  I think the appeal of investing in certain vehicles, like the stock market, has to do with the potential to make a lot of money very quickly with little effort.  Who wouldn’t get excited about that!!!  Especially when you consider popular investment vehicles, such as stocks and real estate, have been around for hundreds of years and have worked out well for so many.

But in this day and time, there is always some new product or new philosophy to investing that “guarantees” success. Whether you are a fan of the tried and true methods of investing or chose to venture into some less conventional, new-age product, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.  Although, this list is far from exhaustive, here are a few investing tips:

  1. Never invest in anything you don’t understand. Just because everyone else is doing it (or talking about it), doesn’t mean you have to follow in their footsteps. This is a rule the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffet), himself, follows. Through the last 30 years or so, technology companies have produced more millionaires and billionaires far quicker than any other sector of business in history. But not for Mr. Buffet. Why? He doesn’t invest in technology companies because, by his own account, he doesn’t understand technology. So how did one of the richest men in the world become a billionaire outside of the popular technologies that made so many other billionaires? By investing in things he was comfortable with such as real estate and service oriented businesses. In the end, you have to know yourself and understand what you don’t know.
  2. There is no guarantee when it comes to investing. It doesn’t matter if you are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or just the average Joe, there is no such as a “sure thing”. Anyone that tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you something. There is always associated risk; but risk can be minimized through careful planning and wise decision making. Take the time to learn about an investment before you jump in. It’s the wise thing to do.
  3. Never invest money you are not willing to lose. If you are hoping an investment will “hit it big” and solve your money problems, your hopes are misplaced and you probably don’t need to be investing right now. Take care of your obligations (debt) first. Eliminate the debt so you can use those dollars elsewhere.
  4. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has a cost. If a product or company is offering you a service, it cost them something. And if you are doing business with them, that cost will probably be passed on to you somehow. This may come in the form of fees even something as drastic as lower gain interest rates. It’s up to ask the question, “What’s the catch?”

Investing is exciting; but remember everything we Christians do is to be done decently and in order (1 Cor. 14:40). Investing is no different.  Investing works, but you have to be wise and willing to make it work.  So when you are ready (i.e. out of debt), make wise decisions and watch God bless you for being a good steward.

“The Exciting Prospect of Jury Duty-Yeah Right!”

Most people don’t get very excited about serving as a juror. However, as a citizen, you are a partner and shareholder in the state and nation.  Jury service is part of the responsibility of being a citizen.  Jury duty is also a very interesting experience.  Believe it or not, Jury Service can be very rewarding.   Service may bring some minor sacrifices, but you should not seek to avoid this opportunity.  If you don’t serve, you should never complain about a jury result.

In Clark County, Nevada has what is known as the One Day, One Trial jury system. This means that if you are not chosen for a jury, you will have fulfilled your service and will not be called again for at least 18 months to three years.

If you are not chosen, then you are excused. Unless the judge orders you to come back to complete his jury selection process, that is the end of your jury service.  If you are selected for a jury, you must serve until the end of the trial.

To qualify as a prospective juror you are required to:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States;
  2. Be a resident of Clark County;
  3. Be without a felony conviction, unless your civil rights have been restored; and
  4. Understand the English language

Employers are required by Nevada State Law, NRS 6.190, to allow you, as a prospective juror, the time off to participate in the jury process.  An employer’s failure to comply may result in a civil action against the employer.

Each person summoned to report is entitled to a fee of $40 for each day after the second day of jury selection and, if sworn in as a juror, is entitled to a fee of $40 for each day or service.  Mileage is reimbursed at 36.5 cents a mile for each mile traveled if the residence is 65 miles or more from the place of trial.

The most frequent question I get concerning jury duty—“how can I get out of it?”

People who wish to be excused from jury duty must call the jury information line to ask for permission. Courts should always allow exemptions in the following circumstances:

  • the person is a police officer;
  • the person is seventy years of age or older;
  • the person is sixty-five years of age or older and lives sixty-five miles or more from the court;
  • the person has a fictitious address for their protection from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking (pursuant to NRS 217.462 to 217.471); or
  • the person already served as a juror on a trial that year or the previous year.

Generally courts will also allow people to postpone jury service for extenuating reasons such as illness, death or illness of a family member, disability, undue hardship, care-giving, or public necessity.